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Epata Studio


Visual Identity

We work with small and medium businesses. See our work!

Audiovisual art direction

By coproducing one of Latvia’s favourite TV broadcasts, we have managed to give a fresh look to TV programming in Latvian public television.

Graphic design

Pencils and erasers are our friends. Hands before tech.


Dāvis Doršs

Dāvis Doršs

Chef de audiovisuel at cross-média
  •  Cinematographer
  •  Post-production editor
  • Graphic designer
Reinis Doršs

Reinis Doršs

Moine de monde du design
  • Art director 
  • Photographer
  • Graphic designer and animator
Andra Doršs

Andra Doršs

  • Film editor
  • Post-production editor


+371 2644 6804

“Vīksnas”, Valkas novads, LV4701